The Hustle 2

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On Friday, May 7th, six of Kansas City's most respected illustrators and designers will be featured in a monumental collaborative show at the Third Eye Events space in the Crossroads District. As a follow-up to 2008's KC Hustle Group Show, each artist will combine large custom pieces, smaller 3x3' canvases, 3-D illustrations, and retail merchandise booths to showcase their works. Other artists hand-selected by the featured artists will show work, as well.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

7th May 2010 - Third Eye Events, Crossroads District, 2024 Main Street, KCMO, USA

The Artists[edit]

Scribe, Nathan Fox, Jeremy Madl, Sike Style, Zachary Trover, Brian Horton, Luke Firle, Corey Goering, Alisa Ross, Matthew Hawkins, Lucid, Trenton Matthews