The Vinyl Takeover

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On Saturday, March 19th from 6-9PM, (art)ificial Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio, will be opening an exhibit entitled “The Vinyl Takeover”. This show was curated by local artists, Rick Sans and Sergio Andujar II and it will feature their custom pieces, as well as customs from over 20 local artists.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

March 19th 2011 - The Pop Shop/(art)ificial Gallery, 17020 Madison Ave, Lakewood Ohio, 44107

The Artists[edit]

Tharp, Roberto Andujar, Wil Delgado, Bob Peck, Richard S Cihlar, Jeff Hulligan, Gary Meacher, Nicka, Andrew Shondrick, Kevin Smalley, Debra L Kozak, Thomas Durdella