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Brother of Boo and Baboo, by Touma. Too-Lie is produced by Wonderwall and was released in 2006. Some come with beaks, some do not. Stands 4" tall.


  • Blue/Brown Beaked
  • Grey/Blue Beaked
  • Black/Green Beaked
  • Blue/Brown Beaked
  • Black/Tan Beaked
  • Kidrobot Orange Beaked
  • Pink/Yellow Foober Exclusive Beaked
  • Green/Yellow Foober Exclusive Beaked
  • Grey/Black No Beak
  • Black/Brown No Beak
  • Yellow/Blue No Beak
  • Purple/Teal No Beak
  • Black/Tan No Beak
  • Black/Yellow No Beak
  • Pink/Yellow Foober Exclusive No Beak
  • Green/Yellow Foober Exclusive No Beak