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The story behind the store is as much of a statement as it is the concept. Break down the title and you have the two basic components that drive the empire.

The word Toy, especially these days, encompasses a wider field than it ever has. Designer Vinyl, blind-boxed collectible figures, large-scale, highly detailed near sculptural pieces (also labelled as “action figures”), static posed vinyl rotocast pieces, sofubi, chogokin…the list goes on. To those in-the-know, the word “toy” means much more than the common, multi mass-produced items found around the world in chain superstores. It’s something that is more personal, reflecting not only the artist who’s hand created the piece but the people buying them.

Life, on the other hand, is more literal. This is the lifestyle of the toy collector, which has also spread out to the world of fashion and street culture. You not only live the toy life but also, literally, wear it on your sleeve.

Toy+Life is more than a store. This is a movement and community. Our goal is to be in the forefront of trends and to bring you what’s new. That next piece that has you excited and ready to show it off.