Tribes of Monsterism

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Created by Pete Fowler and produced by Playbeast. Tribes of Monsterism stand approximately 8" tall.


The Malvox Tribe[edit]

  • Snaphina:

Snaphina is the female head of the family. She is a fantastic cook and takes tremendous pride in her tailoring abilities, designing and knitting all the family’s flashy outfits and helmets. But don’t be fooled by her housewife image. When her family comes under threat, Snaphina transforms into a furious fighter.

  • Saphii:

The foxiest girl in town, she would rather go hunting with her Dad than spend hours camping outside hotels hoping to catch a glimpse of the latest boy band. Although she thinks they’re gross and is a little afraid of them, Saphii recently caught her first Gralph, making her Dad the proudest parent on Monsterism Island.

  • Phorix:

He is the provider of food, the hunting expert and tool maker and likes nothing better than to equip the kids with the skills required for life on Monsterism Island. Phorix’s eyesight is better than any eagle and he can spot potential enemies from miles away. He also regularly brings his wife flowers.

  • Maphi:

Learning to hunt and make tools comes naturally to Maphii, especially under the watchful eye of his father. His favourite prey are Griggles because of the funny way they drop like stones once they’ve been stunned. Maphii and his sister are like peas in a pod, and although they are always getting into trouble, their Dad is there to rescue them from danger.