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Ursula Vernon is the author and illustrator of “Nurk,” “Digger,” and a number of other projects. The daughter of an artist, she spent her youth attempting to rebel and become a scientist, but eventually succumbed to the siren song of paint (although not before getting a degree in anthropology, because life isn’t complete without student loans, right?). Her work has been nominated for an Eisner award, “Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition,” received Junior Library Guild Premier Selection and Ursa Major awards, as well as a number of Webcomics Choice Awards, and a mention in the New York Times, which she did not get tattooed to her forehead, despite her mother’s insistence. Portrait My mother painted this. I am not nearly this colourful in real life.

Ursula grew up in Oregon and Arizona, went to college at Macalester College in Minnesota, and stayed there for ten years, until she finally learned to drive in deep snow and was obligated to leave the state.

In addition to writing and making art, Ms. Vernon is “an avid birdwatcher, occasional neophyte practitioner of the sword art of iaido, and an amateur thrower of pots.” She gardens, feeds birds, and will be contracting an unspeakable disease from her saltwater reef tank any day now. She is active in her local webcomics community, and can occasionally be found at local science fiction conventions, looking vaguely baffled and signing anything put in front of her.

Having moved across the country several times, she eventually settled in Pittsboro, North Carolina, where she works full-time as an artist and creator of oddities. She lives with her boyfriend, a beagle who worships her, a border collie who tolerates her, a small collection of cats and a large collection of Indonesian demon masks, all of which generally manage to keep her out of trouble.

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