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At the Vinyl-Creep Encyclopaedia we respect and observe the copyright of other peoples material. We do not knowingly abuse copyright and we always ask contributors to follow copyright law as well.

Copyright is a complex issue but broadly speaking:

  • If you add text which is not yours then you will need to attach notice of it's copyright status and permission of the copyright holder to the article.

  • If you add an image to our site then it must clearly state the copyright status of it.

  • Placing images (that are not created by you) without permission from books or web sites onto our web site is a breach of copyright and they will be removed without notice and your account with us may be deleted in serious cases.

  • If the image or text is copyrighted then there is the provision in the copyright law for one limited exception of its use on our site and that is when the image or text is of a commercial product. If the purpose of the article or image is to promote or review the product then that product image or text may be copied and place on this site. But a clear statement of where the copyright lies must be added to the article or image listing.