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Created by James Jean with Staple Design and produced by Mighty Jaxx. Standing tall at 9.8" X 12" X 13", this premium collectible is produced in highly detailed PVC, each individually hand painted to achieve a beautiful weathering effect. The figurine comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by James Jean.

Inspired by Japanese film maestro Akira Kurosawa’s 1957 masterpiece—Throne of Blood, this beautiful pigeon sculpt with a volley of arrows pierced through his body is an allegorical reference to the film’s protagonist, General Washizu. The film transposes the plot of Shakespeare’s notable Macbeth, telling a story of a warrior who assassinates his local lord under the coercion of his ambitious wife. The sculpt is executed with meticulous attention to detail in line with Kurosawa’s sense of realism and perfectionism.


  • Original
  • White