Who Cares Bears

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A Care Bears themed show but with a Garbage Pail Kids type twist, and they even have original Mad Magazine/Garbage Pail Kids artist Tom Bunk involved as well as Stephen Geddes who sculpted the original Care Bear toys in the 80's along with MadBalls and tons of other things at Kenner/American Greetings & Hasbro.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

April 21st 2018 - Mothership Art Gallery, 223 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Artists[edit]

Tom Bunk, Stephen Geddes, MikeFX, Andrea Kang, Topheroy, Nicky Davis, Sad Salesman, One Eyed Girl, Green Plastic Tunnels, JellyKoe, DaveMarkArt, GoopMasta, Klav9, Jimbo Phillips, LickYourElbow, Elmer Presley, Betso, Cuddly Rigor Mortis, Tony Riff, American Gross, Kate Domina, Guerrero Masillas, Trashbury, Dose of Dopeness, Uncle Studio, Malo One, 3DHero, Melodrama, WuzOne, Bunny Mischief, Cristina Ravenna, Malo April, Motley Miscreations, SivArt, Mr Pacos Bootlegs, Emilio Subiria, Edmironiuk, David Woehr, Bizarre Vision, Modulicious, Christina Revenna, Jelly Koe, Riser