Young Ruffians vs The Thin Blue Line

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Created by James Jarvis as part of the In Crowd series.

"Culture is rubbish anyway. What good has it ever done for us"

The juveniles in the car park: to the average passer-by they are a nuisance and a symbol of the disrespect of modern youth. To young aspiring pre-teens they are the promise of forbidden adventure and the possibility of respect from their peers. But the indecipherable dialect of the loitering minors hides the true meaning of of their heated exchanges with diminutive Police Officer Wiggins. In the car park, The Young Ruffians debate the nature of existence with The Thin Blue Line.

However, a gathering of two or more young people in a public place is to be avoided, so Wiggins moves them on lest they get up to no good. Again The Thin Blue Line holds strong to protect us all from the spectre of disobedience.


  • Snake
  • Bam Bam
  • Caleb
  • Caution
  • Ezra
  • Josh
  • Wiggins