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Created and produced by Kidrobot. Fatcaps have the head of an aerosol can, complete with authentic rattle, and the body of a Dunny, first measuring just under 3" tall and later a larger 6" version was released.


3" Figures

6" Figures

  • Queen Andrea - "Super Fattie", 2012
  • Queen Andrea - "Super Fattie" Chase, 2012
  • Kronk - "Totem", 900 pieces, 2012
  • Deph - "Holy Roller", green, 1200 pieces, 2009
  • Deph - "Holy Roller", SDCC'09 purple, 200 pieces, 2009
  • Nico Berry - "Spraycanouflage", 750 pieces, 2006


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