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In the early years of his life, Deph was overwhelmed by the look, the smell, and the style of art so bad he could taste it. He knew he had to have his hands on it. His early exposure to art came from many artists growing up. From there he soon picked up a spray can and began to find a medium he loved. Graffiti and music have become major influences in his art today. Still to this day he strives to find new techniques in his art that will influence someone the same as the artist that have inspired him. He is a self taught and well motivated artist.

Deph prefers a mixed media that is very smooth like sheet metal to a very rough texture surface of old wood. Deph has created many illustrations and paintings that have been displayed on toys, cars, movies, video games, skateboards, snowboard outerwear, t-shirts, posters, print ads, and many more. His work has been shown in many galleries and events across the US. He carries a well known portfolio of work that he has done for many companies and corporations such as: Disney, Shorty's, Circa Footwear, 686 Enterprises, Kidrobot, Urb Magazine, Transworld Magazine, Mazda, Coachella Music Festival, Peta2, The Healing Art Foundation to name a few. When he is away from the canvases and walls his concentration is behind his clothing company called, "To Die For" where his ideas and designs become walking canvases for hardcore kids and many others who endorse it. Thanks for your interests in my work.

Designed Toy Releases[edit]

Toy Series Participation[edit]

  • Dunny - 3" "Big Mouth" for DesignerCon series, 2018
  • Fatcap - 6" Holy Roller, green, 1200 pieces, 2009
  • Fatcap - 6" Holy Roller, SDCC'09 purple, 200 pieces, 2009
  • Fatcap - 3" Series 1, 2006
  • Dunny - 8" Green Big Mouth, 2006
  • Dunny - 8" Blue Big Mouth, 2006
  • Dunny - 3" Series 2, 2005

Customs & Show Pieces[edit]


Production Pieces[edit]

Customs & Show Pieces[edit]