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Born and raised on the Central Coast. Based in Arroyo Grande, CA, AP (Adrian Pina) got his AS degree in Graphic Design back in the year 2001. Working with Sagon Phoir and later VAS Entertainment as well many other notable companies has been doing all types of projects ranging from promotions to packaging, Catalog design to retail and premium retailers. AP has been able to broaden his skills from simply Graphic Design to anything a client may need creatively. A side from his commercial work AP has been working non-stop on his own art, and expanding on his freelance career. There are many projects AP has designed from, tee's, logo's, prints, customizing toys and more. AP is always looking into new media outlets to express himself.A part from his commercial work and production projects, AP's been in a couple of shows and contests creating one of a kind pieces that push the design envelope to the next level. Expect to see a lot of new work from him!

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Customs & Show Pieces[edit]