Yeast Infection

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Curated by El Maz, Yeast Infection was an online custom show and auction featuring customised vintage Pillsbury Doughboy figures. A lineup of talented artists took the original soft vinyl figure of the commercial icon released in 1971 and let their imagination and skill run wild. All of the pieces were be auctioned on eBay.

Date & Address[edit]

October 6th 2006 - on Ebay.

The Artists[edit]

Motorbot, Doktor A, Upso, Jaguar Nono (aka Josh Novak), Apina, El Maz, Ratcrtur, Mimic, Leecifer, LASH, Lynnxe, Jason Jacenko (Atomika), KID9, ooo000ooo, Ness, David Wagner (lgbdog1), Rebelwookie, Scott Francis (mssrvalmont), Paul Kaiju, Mindblowin02, Pavid, Kathie Olivas, Christine Heitmueller (Navynails), Dear Earthling, Andrew Bell, DragonCypher, Jigga7, Bil Betsovic, Desecration, puppetbrain, drilone, Bucky Lastard, Spooky AMD, HideousBoi, IdleChimp