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Brian Colin is a painter, sculptor, illustrator, and writer. His primary focus lies in the realm of lowbrow art, where he realizes his vision in the mediums of three dimensional canvas paintings and vinyl toys. He has also written and illustrated a number of comic books, including “Jonas: Tales of an Ironstar” and “Serial Repercussions”.

The inside of Brian Colin’s head is an odd and fantastical place. Robots bake muffins and battle giant space squids, massive sand worms spring from the desert to attack hot air balloons, cowboys roam the plains on the backs of mutant possums, and dark woods are filled with strange creatures — both friendly and sinister.

Brian’s paintings and toys have been displayed in numerous galleries in Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Brian lives in Atlanta with his wife, Kerry, and their menagerie of cats.

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