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Founded in 2011, by designer Ryan Rutherford A.K.A. Bryan Brutherford. Brutherford Industries exists as an outlet for two long-standing passions: Collecting stuff and Making stuff. Brutherford Industries is a manufacturer and retailer of fun objects and Pop sculpture.

Brutherford is a graduate of the Industrial Design program at Pratt Institute. After a successful career as a product designer developing solutions to client-based design problems, Brutherford decided it was time to make some fun stuff without any parameters other than his own. Brutherford thrives in the area where design and manufacturing overlap and has amassed an impressive collection of knowledge about materials and industrial processes. Brutherford has also been collecting equipment that has been reclaimed from abandoned molders and technical schools throughout the country.

Prior to being a designer, Brutherford was part of the punk and hardcore scene of New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia in the 1990's. What he lacked in musical talent he made up for with production skills. Brutherford was always making something, either silk screening shirts, printing stickers, designing flyers or making the occasional button. Brutherford Industries is a new, small manufacturing company built on that same D.I.Y. ethic. We will make conscious and educated decisions regarding materials, processes and the partners we choose to develop products with, always seeking answers to design problems which strive to be as efficient and responsible as possible.

Clearly Brutherford could not do all this alone. His number one partner in crime, his significant Otherford, if you will, is Tamara Petrosino. ( Tamara is a graduate of the RISD Illustration Department and has had a very lucrative career as a children’s illustrator and as an illustrator for consumer goods. Tamara will be contributing heavily to the graphic needs of Brutherford Industries as well as additional day-to-day functions of the business including shooing cats off the production line.

Brutherford and Tamara will continue to design new products while keeping an eye out for exciting collaborations with some of the great designers and artists they consider friends, and those we may not yet know but who share our philosophy of “making fun stuff.”

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