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Created by Superdeux and produced by Red Magic. Joke-playing, destructive little monsters, who would’ve guessed that they used to be human? Their dissatisfaction with the world caused their evolution. Now they’re everywhere, demolishing everything they hate with unique Death-ray Cannons. Take a closer look – they could be right beside you!

There are eight Ci-Boys characters:

  • Deri
  • Nomi
  • Hiro
  • Poka
  • Go (Sony spokesperson/character)
  • Migo (San Miguel Beer spokesperson/character)
  • To-7 (Toshiba Notebook spokesperson/character)
  • Xcite (X-Box spokesperson/character)


Railroad Engineer Nomi.jpg

2.5" Figure Series[edit]

2.5" Destroyer[edit]

The Destroyer figures come with their own little robot to sit inside with moveable legs.

  • Destroyer Uni
  • Destroyer Go
  • Destroyer Poka
  • Destroyer Hiro
  • Destroyer Nomi

6" Figures[edit]

  • Railroad Engineer Nomi
  • Hellmaster Deri
  • Money God Uni
  • Chinese Corpse
  • Drinking Buddha
  • Golden Ox
  • Space Pirate
  • SAS
  • Skull Man
  • Kaiju Migo
  • Fury Migo (Pink Version)
  • Fury Migo (Black Version)
  • Angel Army Deri (Pink Version)
  • Angel Army Dero (Black Version)
  • Black Jack Deri
  • Black Jack Deri Ruby Special
  • Robin with his 100 Friends
  • MSZ 010
  • Christmas Bear Deri
  • Flocked GID Deri

8" Figures[edit]

  • Opera Mask

12" Figures[edit]


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