CI Boys - Night Circus

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The Night Circus was a 2.5" CI Boys set released in 2007. Designs were by Patricio Oliver.

Welcome to the Nightcircus held by our freaky C.i.Boys! Lion Tamer Deri will lead his crew to show you something you’ve never seen before. Undead Assistant X-cite was cut in half…how come it’s like nothing to him? Why Psycho Clown Go can be this …unbelievable? One thing to remind you- don’t get left behind when the show is finished. You may not want to know what is going to be happened in this tent.


  • The Ringmaster
  • Vampgorilla
  • The Dark Illusionist
  • Psycho Clown
  • The Lion Tamer
  • Skull Buffoon
  • Undead Assistant
  • Cyboy Cannonball
  • Siamese Acrobats