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Chikuwaemil was born and raised in Osaka, Japan. Described as a cute, surrealistic, magical drawing artist with no formal art education, this young talent is already making an impression on Japan’s contemporary art market. Her unprecedented “kawaii- annihilism” art style looks at the world through a pure and unique filter. Chikuwaemil’s painting techniques range from analog to digital to collage, using a diversity of media and found materials. In 2010, Chikwuaemil began exhibiting her pop-culture and anime-inspired artwork professionally, working with prominent art galleries such as KaiKai Kiki Gallery-Osaka, Kaikai Kiki Gallery-Nakano, Billiken Gallery, and featured in publications Hi-Fructose Magazine, and Vogue-Italy, to name a few.

According to her blog above, referenced using the Internet Archive wayback machine in 2016 she switched from using the name "Chikuwa Emil" to "Chikuwa Miel" and later works can be found under that name.

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