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D*Face is an artist who's work is omnipresent within the cities’ visual environment, using a variety of mediums and techniques he confronts the viewer by creating a form of visual disturbance, that could be seen as a welcomed intermission from the media saturated environment that surrounds us.

Known for his subversive imagery, which involve a family of dysfunctional characters whose roles are to shock as well as entertain, his work challenges orthodox thinking whilst sticking two fingers up at the establishment. His characters, such as ‘D*Dog’ are vehicles for which the viewer questions their relationship with the work, it aims to encourage the public to not just ‘see’ but to look at their surroundings.

Recent collaborations include working with H.R.H Queen Elizabeth on a series of bank notes that where put into circulation for the unsuspecting public to discover in their change and to mark the instatement of Pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican commissioned D*Face to paint a portrait to commemorate this historical moment.

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