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Fatima is an elegant vinyl large-handed lady designed by Sam Flores and produced by Upper Playground. She stands 8" tall and was first released in 2006. Fatima is the ominously beautiful female character in Sam Flores’ paintings.


  • Pink Dress with Flowers - 450 pieces
  • Green Dress with Tiger - 450 pieces
  • Black/Navy Dress with Birds, Birds Headdress (Ningyoushi Exclusive) - 300 pieces
  • Purple Dress with Birds, Birds Headdress (Upper Playground Exclusive) - 300 pieces
  • Yellow Dress with Tiger, Flowers Headdress (Upper Playground Exclusive) - 54 pieces
  • Dark Grey Dress with Tiger (Special Artist Edition) - 54 pieces
  • White Blank DIY with Birds Headdress
  • Beige Blank DIY Flowers Headdress


For Fatima customs click here.