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Self taught toy designer and multi media artist. Gus started his career painting on found trash, old dictionary pages, and cardboard. His first highlight was comic books he wrote and illustrated. Gus got into the toy scene in 2007 after teaming up with Rocket USA. During the Rocket USA era which consisted from 2007-2010 Gus created multiple toy lines including his most popular "Boogily Heads". He also created Puff Dogs, Stitch Kittens, Boogily Bunnies and strong characters from the Boogily Heads line that had a plush line of their own. SkullGnome being one of the fan favorite characters.

in 2009 Gus had started another company so that he may have a wider expansion world of characters and lines. Dr. Krinkles LLC was the new company and first toy line were the "Creep Kids" which made 9 different plush dolls from 2009-2011. in 2010 Gus had teamed up with Artist Emi Boz to create a new line called "Gooli Monsters" their first collaboration was a bag Emi presented to Gus. Gus developed 7 characters for the Gooli Monsters which were first launched as plush dolls and capsule toys in 2011.

Currently Gus has been doing new things with Boogily Heads, Stitch Kittens, Gooli Monsters and several other lines.

In 2016 Gus partnered with Emi Boz and a mutual friend to create a new toy company Frakentoys inc. together their first line is the Creeplings which feature 48 different unique collectible figures.

in 2018 they Developed the "Strange Bots" which is the first blind box toy, table top game Strange Bots are set to hit stores in November 2018.

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