Meth and Hot Dogs 2

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Meth & Hot Dogs 2 is a celebration of character art in all its forms. The exhibit will bring together a group of 36 artists whose illustration, plush, custom toys, sculpture and paintings show an appreciation for the demented, cute and strange.

Dates & Address[edit]

April 30th 2011 - Lift Gallery, 228 W. 4th St. Royal Oak, MI

The Artists[edit]

Matthew Ryan Sharp, Kristin Barr, Gus Fink, Dennis Hansbury, Cuddly Rigor Mortis, Emi Boz, Dusty Artwork, Alessandro Echevarria, Jenn and Tony Bot, JC Rivera, Emi Slade, Scottoons Love and a Sandwich, Kill Taupe, Martin Corba, Jamie Fales, Heather Hansma, A Little Stranger, Carlos Araujo, Codi Schibi, Crystal Mielcarek, Crowded Teeth, Grimsheep, Bonus Saves, Miss Monster, Tim Pewe, RSIN, Happycloud Thunderhead, Lauren Moyer, Matt Keiser, Stephen Vincent, Noiton, Perfect Laughter, Hello Again Monsters, Vanessa Took, Wisechick, Sumbody, Mike Kelly