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Loz Boz, aka Haus of Boz, aka Laura Copeland, was born and raised out in the countryside, playing with sticks in the dirt, and talking to the animals. Shedding the dungarees and leaving behind the ol' banjo, she gained her Illustration degree in 2007 and moved to the big city of Leeds, purchasing her very first pair of shoes. With her remaining pennies, she foolishly purchased a very bad tempered rabbit in 2008 and since then it's been all about bunnies. The work she produces is heavily inspired by a childhood spent in the company of animals, and a feverish, irrational imagination, ranging from quite sensible painting techniques, to playing fast and loose on a beaten-up sewing machine. She is most at home when cursing her temperamental sewing machine and listening to very old jazz, in the attic room.

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