Sneaky Snow Ball

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Sneakysnowball main-580x821 thumb.jpg

Sneaky Raccoon has teamed up once again with Kidrobot London to put on another fantastic custom show. The Sneaky Snow Ball show will feature a number of custom toys, including 4” Mini Munnyworld Characters and prints following a magical holiday theme.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

November 30th - December 2nd 2012 - Kidrobot London, 19 Earlham Street, London, WC2H 9LL UK

The Artists[edit]

Jam Factory, Lunabee, Threadbear Studio, Cris Rose, Okkle, Podgy Panda, Jenn Bot & Tony Bot, Map Map, Creaturekebab, Ume Toys, Squink!, Haus of Boz, Mr Lister, PJ Constable, A Little Stranger, Lisa Rae Hansen, Kerry Dyer, Paulette Arochena, Anabelle Nielsen, Waste, Dolly Oblong, Clark Rotharmel, Silvia Portella, Otto Bjornik, Ben Steers, Slumber, Amy Blackwell, Emily Bee