Ji Ja Bird

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Created by Mr Clement, Ji Ja Bird stands 4" tall. Each figure comes with a small paper open envelope (2cm X 1.2cm) that fits into the mouth of figure.

Ji La Birds are a pair of little birds who are only able to speak Ji and Ja, they are exploring the world between frames, carrying a mysterious message in the tiny envelope to someone who is waiting for it and like every journey there are stories to tell on the way. You may not be able to travel as far as them or speak as much, but you might have someone who needs to be sent a special message. Just write what you want to say and put it into the envelope and then your Ji Ja bird can go deliver the message for you, envelope held firmly in its beak. Ji Ja bird will take any message for you, you might say I love you of course but it could be I hate you instead, Ji Ja bird just wants to pass on your message and won't look, whatever you write.


  • White
  • Yellow
  • Blinking
  • The Missing Ji Ja - 300 sets
  • Junkie Ji Ja
  • San Diego SDCC Ji Ja - 50 pieces
  • The Lover - 150 pieces
  • The Luster Black - 200 pieces
  • The Luster White - 200 pieces
  • The Luster Grey - 200 pieces
  • SDCC'14 Exclusive - hand painted, 25 pieces
  • Ashley Green - 20 pieces
  • Ashley Pink - 20 pieces
  • Ashley Blue - 20 pieces
  • Ashley Purple - 20 pieces
  • Ashley Yellow - 20 pieces
  • Mulled - 75 pieces
  • The Warbler - 100 pieces