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Mr Clement is the artistic pseudonym for my work as a sculptor and painter.

My inspirations come from manga, porn, classical music and popular culture. I am exploring a new and more accessible platform by mixing fine art with popular sub-culture to present my artwork. Simplicity and fun are essential elements of my creative works.

In my works, there are many characters, and they are in the form of cartoons, comics and figures; and through them, I try to look for my childhood memories. These characters are either things I wanted to have as a child but didn’t have, or things I used to have as a child but not anymore now.

I work mainly to satisfy myself, such as, in making figures, and drawing cartoon characters. My childhood is the happiest and loneliest period of my life, and to me, it is most real. Thus, I want to create works which manifest this kind of feelings in order to recapture the important moments of my life.

In recent years, I always ponder upon the meaning between happiness and loneliness, and I find that through images of my childhood memories, I could find the lost happiness I once had. I have become a grown man now, but I want to look at things with they eyes of a child, and that I think is the most direct way to look at things.

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