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KeyBotz is a Swedish designer toy platform, designed by Mathias Päres and based in Stockholm.

KeyBotz™ is a mix between the designer toy concept and of industrial design and functionality – It’s collectable-ish and can carry your keys. A KeyBot is a 2.5" small bearlike robot that besides looking rather splendid on shelves and can be used as a container for your keys to be carried in your bag, pocket, around your neck, etc. By placing one key in each of its arms and fixate it with the accompanied screws, it will turn into your faithful key servant forever!

The first series is “Scandinavian Masters” – an edition of seven figurines created by seven illustrators, graphic designers and artists in Scandinavia. A D.I.Y. version, "RAW", was also launched at the same time.

A Japanese series is also in the making with big shots such as Itokin Park, Uamou, Mad Barbarians, Goccodo, Art Denka, to mention a few.

The Church Of KeyBotz is the religion of Keybotz - a Swedish designer toy platform, based in Stockholm.

The religion is probably the most basic religion in the world. The three commandments of KeyBotzism:

  • 1ST COMMANDMENT: Collect all KeyBotz.
  • 2ND COMMANDMENT: Look stylish.
  • 3RD COMMANDMENT: Have fun. Everyone that purchases a KeyBot becomes a Disciple of the KeyBotz Church and receives a "KeyBotz Disciple Card"!