Mummy Mania! Customs from the Crypt

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Super7 is proud to announce our Mummy Boy Custom Paint Contest: Mummy Mania! Customs from the Crypt. We would like to see what crazy color schemes our fans can come up with on our mascot. There will be both Mummy Boy and Pocket Mummy Boy in a classic Unpainted Flesh vinyl. Keep some of the original vinyl showing, paint it all over, it doesn't matter to us so let your imagination run wild! One winner for each will be chosen by us for a future production release during our 11th Anniversary month long celebration in May 2012.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

January 28th 2012 - Super7, 1427 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

The Artists[edit]

Adam Greeley, Super Sandbagger, Gatchabert, Bleeding Edges, Andy Costello, Auxpeer, Beatninja, Blurble, Brian Flynn, Circa 77, Donta Santistevan, Eckotyper, Erkil, Gian Marayag, Hip Hop Robot, House of Darkly, Joe, Josh Herbolsheimer, Leecifer, Nebulon5, Jared Cain, Paul Kaiju, Redhanded, Rick Sans, Salamander, Valerie G, valleyDweller, Vapor Face