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Having attained the moniker Leecifer as a toddler, long before picking up paint can or brush, this individual certainly wasn't going to grow up to be a politician, police officer, or priest.

"An artist?!?!" his father was to exclaim years later. "Great, the world needs another bum!" Suffice to say high schools and colleges were graduated, public art both sanctioned and some not so sanctioned completed and the ability to be excommunicated by the Lutheran Church tested.

A recent "good behaviour" parolee from a 15 yr sentence as an in-house corporate designer, illustrator, and art director this reprobate has once again picked up his brushes. He is clearly thrilled to return to channelling the influences of tattoo, hotrod, skate, graffiti, gig posters, manga, kaiju and vinyl toy cultures with every given opportunity! Leecifer resides with an amazingly patient wife, seven turtles, a large collection of art peppered with innumerable vinyl toys and a healthy quantity of beer in the Oakland Hills of Northern California.

When recently asked who his artistic inspirations are, Leecifer stated "2 words man... El Maz". When El Maz was contacted, he stated "All I can say is there is a restraining order, some compromising polaroids, and a human pyramid".

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