Munny Shot

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Munny shot flyer.jpg

Munny Shot was a custom Munny show, competition and auction that took place in Bristol, UK on the 4th March 2007. The Munnys were then auctioned for charity.

Dates and Address[edit]

March 4th 2007 - Iksentrik, 10 Stony Street, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1BU

The Artists[edit]

Ahero, Andy Cooper, Anna Mullin, Apeman, Boswell, Bruce Richardson, Bucky Lastard, DeadGirl, Delme, Diablo Texas, Django, DJ Hydro, D-Lux, Doktor A, Elo and Lluís, Erwin Weber, Finn, Hicalorie, Holly Ritson, Huck Gee, Idle, Indescribble, Jeza, Julie West, Kenn Munk, K Winnik, Letoy, Lex, Lucylu, Lunartik, Marcel O'Leary, Mimic, Miscreation, Monstafaktory, Mr Guy, Muddyshoulder, Okkle, Paul Roberts, Peter Moschel Johnson, Phillie, Pink Rabbit, PlaysKewl, Reuben Coyle, Robotboy, Riot68, Sichi, Sket One, Squink, SourBones, Steve Fable, Stuart Witter, Tattooman, Tesselate, Todd Lawson, The Tarantulas, Zoë Kennard