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Phetus is much more than a New York Graffiti artist. Phetus grew up in the streets of NYC's 6th boro, Strong Island, but the years have been long and fast since the original days of train yards and spray cans. Phetus has grown from kid who always had paint on his clothes into a man who’s gettin paid to splash paint of other people’s clothes. He's has taken a once completely illegal art form and created innovative ways to get paid doing what he loves. Phetus is an original graffiti artist/fashion stylist. . His custom designs have been requested by everyone from Ludacris and LL Cool J to the New York Knicks and Motorola. Phetus has been able to stay profitable as a graffiti artist because he's a true artist whose creative mind far exceeds the expectations of his clients. Phetus is the most sought after custom clothing stylist in the entertainment industry. He’s been working steadily, creating the custom clothing designs for almost every Hip Hop artist to date. You can catch Phetus exclusive outfits everyday in dozens of music videos on MTV and BET and in magazines everyday being worn by the biggest names in the music industry. From time to time you can still catch Phetus out against a brick wall in the middle of the night with a few cans of fresh paint. With a full understanding of the legalities surrounding graffiti, Phetus has strived to find ways to keep true graffiti a legal art form. While nearing completion on a book of his own, Phetus recently created a series of over a 69 murals that span from Manhattan's Penn Station to Strong Island's East Hampton Train Station. If you ride this line you'll be able to find his pieces without fail.

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