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From day 1, two things have always been central to the direction I have forged in life, Art and Toys. I am dedicated collector, with the emphasis of my collection on Japanese vinyl toys, both vintage and contemporary, and I have a mixed background in the arts, that includes painting, sculpture, illustration and graphic design.

With my discovery, about five years ago, of the designer vinyl movement, the worlds of art and toys collided with a deafening explosion of fresh creativity flowing from the roots of Japanese vinyl. I was stoked and soon learned one no longer had to be a Hasbro or Todd McFarlin to design and produce toys or limited edition figures.

I haven't looked back since.

I began building 1 of a kind figures and in 2005 founded PLASEEBO CUSTOM a shop dedicated to creating unique one of a kind collectible figures and designing original figures for limited soft vinyl production.

PLASEEBO has three Artist / Designers in the group in addition to a talented pool of Artist / Craftsmen. The lead designer is BOB CONGE and the two associate designers are BILL HAND and JOHN KASTNER. Each of these Artist / Designers has a unique vision and style of their own which directs the fresh look of a PLASEEBO CUSTOM figure. Some of our customs are completely built from scratch using various sculpture materials and techniques while others are created by using a combination of chopped existing figures, found objects and various sculpture materials. Whatever the direction or medium of expression, the drive is always to bring to life a personal vision in the form of a new figure. "PLASEEBO / GREAT AMERICAN KAIJU"

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