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Plush! flyer.jpg

Hello My Name Is Gallery is proud to present PLUSH!, a group exhibition featuring the work of 30 national and international established and emerging plush artists. These artists use textiles and soft sculpture to create curious creatures and objects, that incorporate Pop Art, Surrealism, fantasy and childhood nostalgia.

PLUSH! examines the burgeoning artistic practice of "designer" plush, an art form that has its roots in toys (and nostalgia for toys), soft sculpture, pop art, urban illustration and design, and the do-it-yourself craft uprising. The artists in PLUSH! present a diverse range of work. From the ultra-cute and Pop-Art inspired, to work that is darker, more adult-oriented, and everything in between. The work in PLUSH! blurs the boundaries between fine art and consumer product, akin to the rising designer toy movement embodied in the limited edition toys sold at stores like Kidrobot and New Haven's own Channel 1.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

April 5 - April 26, 2008 - Hello My Name is Gallery, 838 Whalley Av. Apt.4, CT 06515 New Haven

The Artists[edit]

Amanda Maples, Corinne Dean, Dog Bone Art, Gina Narracci, Heidi Kenney, Intimidnation, Jane and Zoe Miller, Jemma Williams, Jen Rarey, Jennifer Burrell, Jenny Harada, Jessica Smolinski, Jessie Petrick, Judy Cuddihee, Kim Mikenis, Kristin Tercek a.k.a. Cuddly Rigor Mortis, Krissy Childs, Lexi Franks, Margot Curran, 12PUNT3 a.k.a. Oneye, Mariska Vos-Bolman (a.k.a. Fluffels), Melanie Carr, Merle Curran-Ackert, Ms Kitty Fantastico, Neesy Pea, Paul Panamarenko, SappyMooseTree, Steff Bomb (a.k.a. I Make Monster), Teresa Levy

Show Images[edit]