Super Button Mashers, A Gamer Tribute

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A group exhibition where artists pick a video game (be it arcade or family console) from their past or present and reinterpret in their individual vision.

"Super Button Mashers" addresses the history of gaming culture and its effect on today's generation. Virtually and physically, the "Arcade" represents the town meeting ground and social arena, comparable to that of the circus, festival and neighborhood fair of their day.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

February 11 - February 25 2012 - OhNo!Doom Gallery, 1800 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60647 USA

The Artists[edit]

Aya Kakeda, Alex Willan, Ben Spencer (Galaxxor), Blütt, Brandon Garrison, Brian Keller, Brian Stuhr, Brian Walline, Brianne Drouhard, Cory Benhatzel, CZR PRZ, David Palumbo, David Rettker, Eric Broers (phoneticontrol), Glen Brogan, Isaac Bidwell, James Lui (Veggiesomething), Jeremiah Ketner, Jason Castillo, Jenny Frison, Joe Shea, Joey D, Jordan Elise (Horrible Adorables), Lana Crooks, Leeanna Butcher, Luisa Castellanos (Pocket Pals), Martin Hsu, Matt Hawkins (Custom Paper Toy), Matthew Ryan Sharp, Max Bare, Melissa Sue Stanley, Mike Budai, Mike Graves, Mr Walters, Natalie Blue Phillips, Nathan West, Sean Dove, Shawn Smith, Shayne Labadie, Steff Bomb, Stephanie Laberis, Tyler Coey, Yosiell Lorenzo