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Born in Pingtung, Taiwan and based out of Chicago, Illinois, Veggiesomething (a.k.a. James Liu) has loved art and design for as long as he can remember.

Veggiesomething's artworks have been seen throughout the world via numerous art shows and exhibitions and have been featured in various publications and media outlets. His designer vinyl toys have also been sold around the world at contemporary museum shops, art galleries, and other finer designer shops. He has also collaborated with forward thinking brands such as Crazy Label, Nooka, Indomina, Rotofugi, Myplasticheart, Diet Strychnine/Pyromaniac, James Curd/Greenskeepers, Om Records, Burger King, and more.

Thus far, Veggiesomething has created ten character lines (FIZZIEFUZZIE, House of Liu, United by Destruction!, Sugar Bandits, Debonair Rascal, Cash & Carry, the PRESENTERS, Atomic Apples, Fresh Bears, and Hold On...) and one concept label (Killerslayer). These creative endeavors often highlight his love for modular designs that are bold, clean, clear, and concise.

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