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Born and raised in a town better known for its football legacy than the ignored arts program, Tony and Jenn's adventure into the popular art scene occurred thanks in part to a single character affectionately known as Bot. Due to the urging of friends, family, and mentors, from that moment on they have chased a dream that has led their creations to every corner of the world. What makes their art truly unique, as they have to come to realize, is not only the story it tells, but also the two leaders of the robot revolution--Jenn and Tony themselves.

Tony, a self-proclaimed Grump-o-Saurus Rex, is best known for his shifty eyes, sharp tongue and witty attitude. He's the idea man, photographer, illustrator, and marketing extraordinaire behind the entire operation. And while his art often represents his attitude, he prefers the computer over the pen and would rather hide behind a camera any day. Likewise, no matter how much he would love to take credit for Jenn's creations, he has the fingers of a rhino and patience of a 2-year old.

Jenn, who is self-trained in her craft, has the amazing ability to spot and correctly identify a dog from a mile away. And while her art screams kawaii and is highly influenced by Japanese and American popular culture, she insists that she is in all actuality moody and much more emo than she leads on. Her creations and art come in many forms and though she enjoys dabbling in paint and pottery, her passion is polymer clay.

Although Jenn and Tony are each unique in their own right, together they are the Bots.

Ultimately, it is nearly impossible to pinpoint exactly where the Bots' passion for art stems from. Perhaps Tony could blame his great-great-grandfather Pablo or Jenn her great-uncle Walt, but that would be nothing more than an epic, albeit fictitious, story. In reality, they have no one to blame but themselves for pushing one another's limits day in and day out.

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