The Dunny Show 2012

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Plastic Chapel in Denver, CO featured the opening of a Dunny custom show featuring quite a stacked line up of artists. This show brought together a lot of artists from all over the country to contribute pieces.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

November 12th 2012 - Plastic Chapel, 3109 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80206

The Artists[edit]

Alex Vaughan, Allan Armenta, April Elliot, Chris Granillo, Chris Moore, Daniel Fleres, Dave Webb, DunnyAddicts, Guillermo Perez, Ian Ziobrowski, Invictus, JC Rivera, Jay222, JD Brockin, Jennipho Tran, JFury, Spanky Stokes, Josh Mayhem, JRad, Malo One, Mike Graves, Nebulon5, Necro Monkey, Nerviswr3k, Nick Curtis, Roar with Lukas, Scott Kinnebrew, Super Cooper, TaskOne, Travis Lykins, Twirp, Valleydweller, Ryan the Wheelbarrow, Zam