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Ian Ziobrowski, born and raised in New York, is an artist, whose main focus is toy design. Born in 1985, Ian has always had a natural ingenuity for art and design and the instinctive ability to bring his ideas to fruition.​

His innate talents in drawing and painting evolved through the time of his college years at FIT where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration. At FIT, Ian was able to develop his technique further and learned to work with new materials.

After experimenting with vinyl, Ian was able to hone in on his passion for toy design. Ian spent hours upon hours in his studio, creating pieces here and there, but it wasn’t until 2009, that he found what would be his calling in the toy industry.

In April of 2009, NUGGS was born. NUGGS was Ian’s introduction into his success as a toy designer. The artist was inspired to create a character that portrayed self made prosperity and the ability to live the ‘American Dream’ without following society’s standards of the path to getting there.

NUGGS was Ian’s first character in the NUGGLIFE collection, and now sits with unruly personalities such as Crook ED, THUGZ, Smokey, DEA , and most recently, Rusty the Clown. The characters in NUGGLIFE represent a very specific lifestyle – independent, laid back, but on the grind, and not the 9-5 one. They carry cash in their pockets, and through they appreciate the law, they try to stay away from it.

While most of Ian’s NUGGLIFE collection and other pieces are made by custom requests, his work can also be seen in art shows on a national and international level including Art Basel, Comic Con, and Designer Con and in stores and galleries including Kidrobot, 1AM Gallery, 1xRun and My Plastic Heart.

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