We Need Each Other

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OhNo!Doom will be hosting a killer collaborative event beginning on Saturday October 11th (and running for one month). The show, entitled We Need Each Other, will have an opening reception on the 11th from 6PM until 10PM.

Dates & Address[edit]

October 11th - November 11th 2008 - OhNo!Doom, 2955 W. Lyndale, Chicago IL 60647

The Artists[edit]

Main Exhibition: Avast, Jeremiah Ketner, Joey D, Bonus, Charlie Owens, Czr Prz, Jinx, Peabe, Stomach, Jason Brammer, Matt Sharp, Jason Chalker, Flip, Miss Monster, Grocer, Joey Potts, Nibbles, Rejoice, Revise CMW, Shawnimal, Veggiesomething, Yoink, Blutt, Melt, SR, Lana Crooks, Stizo, Chips, Fathom, Mike Omens, Jeremy Tinder, Jimbot, Anthony Lewellan, Emily Cunningham, Brooks Colden, Artillery, Zchild, Yunicorn, Wonderfuuk!
Solo Exhibition: Fernando Conzalez, Ruok, Tiptoe, Saro, Mirian VZ, Kaitlin Kostus, Joe Somers, Alex Solis, Max Bare, Alecks, Tewz, Pock-It Palz, Mike McQuade, Kid Static, Melstar, Sierra Dufault, Tiny, Skame, Jared Metzner, Eat, Johnny Tran, Soukup, Sean McGarry, Curtis Lubbe, Angel Damico, Swiv, Shane Welch, Toxik, Laura Etheredge, Sarigraph