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Brandi Milne is an American painter. Born and raised in Anaheim California in the late 1970's, Milne's surrounding world of classic cartoons, toys, candies, Disneyland and joyous family Holidays fascinated and deeply influenced her young imagination.

Self-taught and emotionally driven, Brandi's work speaks of love, loss, pain and heartbreak underneath a beautiful candy-coated surface. Using elements as language from her child's mind, Brandi creates a unique surreal world that is undeniably hers.

Brandi's work is celebrated and supported in fine art galleries and museums internationally and across the US, and has been featured in both written and online publications such as Hi Fructose & Bizarre Magazine. She published her first book So Good For Little Bunnies in 2008 and her second, Frohlich, in 2014, both with Baby Tattoo Books. Brandi has collaborated with many companies including Hurley, Billabong, Disney, Sugarpill Cosmetics and Acme Film Works for CVS Pharmacy.

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