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For the plush lovers out there, boy do we have a show for you!! Gallery 1988 of Los Angeles is hosting a week long group show all about plushes. Plush Week runs from February 7-14 with an opening on the 7th from 8-10p.m. Hundreds of unique adorable stuffed creatures will be on display and I am sure there will be one or two you just might want to adopt. This show is packed with talented artists and their works never disappoint. Plush Week 2 was in January 2007.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

  • January 23 – 30, 2007 - Gallery 1988, 7020 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038
  • February 7th - 14th 2006 - Gallery 1988, 7020 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038

The Artists[edit]

2007: Michelle Valigura, Cameron Tiede, Sauerkids, Anna Chambers, Jen Rarey, Apak, Blobby Farm, Candy Creatures, Carolyn Suzuki, Creature Co-op, Dan Goodsell, Gyeong, Heidi Kenney, Jake Henzler, Jellibat, Jen Graham, Jill Penney, Jude Buffum & Amy Buffum, Longo-Land, Lost Monster, Love Ablan, Luisa Castellanos, Maoma, Missy Broome, Monster Factory, Mr Funky, OhNo!Doom, Renee Gontarski, Sandra Equihua & Kellie Smith, Sewdorky, Shawnimals, Social Studies, Suicide Kittens, T&A, Trevor Zammit

2006: Michelle Valigura, Anna Chambers, Bobby FarmCrump, Brandi Milne, Heidi Kenney, Jake Henzler, Jason Sho Green, Jen Rarey, John Murphy, Kate Sutton, Katie Rice, Klayco, Kozyndan, Koogai, Cuddly Rigor Mortis, Lost Monster, Love Ablan, Monster Factory, Parskid, Rachel Chow, Renee Gontarski, Ryan Bubnis, Sandra Equihua, Shawnimals, Social Studies Design, Suicide Kittens, Super Fun Fun, Thomas Han, TragicMagicHead, Tsai-Fi, Yasemin Gokcen

Show Images[edit]