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DIY Calamari/Shelf Life joint show features custom versions of Hicalorie's new 6" Lefty vinyl. Shelf Life is part of the opening of the Adfunture Guerilla Store in London. It features art from Sichi and Alex Devol.

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The Artists[edit]

Mike Burnett, Jeremyville, Kathie Olivas, Julie West, Sauerkids, Kenn Munk, Peskimo, Mr Jago, Squink!, DGPH, Elph, Jeremiah Ketner, Richt, Bagger 43, Sneaky Raccoon, Christina Conway, Sichi, DRO, Clutter Magazine, Matthew Hodson, Phil Corbett, Sune Ehlers, Hello Brute, Jam Factory, Tarantulas, Octane 3, Lunartik, Yuck, PlaysKewl, Morpheus, Triclops, Nakanari, Julie Hill, Hicalorie, Potatomo