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I grew up in northern Germany in the land between the seas (North Sea and Baltic Sea). I have always been fascinated by big cities, technology and its impact on humanity. I have studied Manga at Kyoto Seika University, Japan and in 2009 I graduated from the school of art and design in Kassel, Germany with a degree in Visual Communication (Illustration and Comic).

My personal work focuses on the influence of technology on humanity and it’s immediate surroundings such as design, architecture, urbanization. The background stories are inspired by literature and scientific research on the so called “singularity” – a point in time where human and technological progress fuse into one. The characters shown are from various social backgrounds and all have different problems in their lives. Yet, they face challenges and questions that are all too familiar today. Are limitless possibilities equal to freedom? What is identity and personality in a world where everything seems arbitrary? Freed of the need for a human body they present themselves with design cues and citations of pop-culture: Haute-Couture fashion, cartoon character design of the 1930’s, Japanese animation and special effect TV-series.

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