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Born in Hong Kong 1968, where he based. Eric is a designer, illustrator and figure artist.

After graduating from design school, Eric joined an advertising agency. Ten years later Eric headed down a new road in create freelancing that marked the beginning of his work in freestyle illustration. In 1996, he launched his first exhibition, "Sex, sex, sex, and more sex", mainly composed of illustrations and paintings. In 1998, he began creating figures. In 1999, he collaborating on works with his friends under the name "So Fun". Over the course of 1999 - 2000, he premiered "The Art of Bruce Lee" in New York City, Hong Kong and Tokyo. The exhibition brought him success and critical acclaim, and led the Japanese brand Medicom Toys to release 24 variations of the 12" inch Bruce Lee figure. In 2000, Eric successfully premiered the "So Fun" show at SSUR (US), and RCB (Hong Kong), along with Devilock (Japan). Which are trendy and influential fashion labels in different countries.

Between 2001-2003, Eric still keep work on his "So Fun" project with Revolver (Japan) & LMF (Hong Kong). And he had expanded his work to many other areas. He joined forces with Sprite and created two seasons of characters to promote the Coca-Cola Company beverage. He undertook a major commercial co-branding with Toyota, in which he vividly captured street culture in a television commercial for Toyota's new concept car, the Voltz. Designed figure for his pop artist friend "Sam Lee" and "Edison Chen".

Eric also collaborated with Chemistry, a famous Japanese pop duo, and created Chemistry figures, which were immensely popular in Japan and Asia. This popularity led to another major television commercial tie-in with Meiji's Chelsea candy .

2004, Eric mainly focuses all designs and creations on his concept "So Fun". He premiered the "So Fun" show at DC Shoes which is famous US skateboard brand. In addition, he has just collaborated with Nike Hong Kong to create a 1:1 Michael Jordan action figure for the purpose to promote his Asia tour at Hong Kong station.

2005, Eric just held his "Sology" exhibition. It's come with 4 exhibitions Included: "Stand by me" - painting exhibition "Stand by me" - figures exhibition "Actor" "The Art of Bruce Lee 2005"

2006, new series "Sign Language" mini figures for the promotion of KFC. "Cup Dolly" for 7 Eleven & created Jay Chow & Zhou Xun figures for Motorola new moblie promotion. Beside his figure creation, he still work on his So Fun concept. The name " Ren Ge Pin Wei" eyewear series & exhibition launched.

Eric currently has four private brands: "So Fun", which is strictly an outlet for his personal expression, "Estate", a co-venture with his best friend, Sam Lee a famous Hong Kong movie actor, and "Designed by Eric So" for commercial and crossover projects. "Papamamason Limited" is a production house.

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