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Over 150 of the World's Leading Artists and Designers have come together to celebrate the New York City Subway Centennial with Tag the System NY.

Each artist was given a blank subway car, All City Style, and asked to lend their own creative style and vision to designing their own unique interpretation of a New York City Subway Car. The cars, almost 2 foot wide, were designed by Klim K and manufactured by Drastic Plastic. The artists participating include a very diverse set of styles, from old school to current graffiti artists, to comic and animation artists, to sculptors and even traditional companies including Nike and the Mattel Hot Wheels Team.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

October 29 - November 21, 2004 - The Showroom NYC, 91 Second Avenue, Lower Level, New York, NY 10003

The Artists[edit]

Donny Gillies, 123klan, Andrew Bell, AZK Matt Eaton, Bigfoot One, Bill McMullen, Bounty Hunter, Brothersfree, Chris Bobinski, Cope2, Dave Cortes, David Horvath, Derrick Hodgson, Devilrobots, Dr Revolt, Ed Roth, Elizabeth Ito, Eric Orr, Eric So, Ewok 5MH, Futura, Gary Baseman, Greg Oaks, Huck Gee, Jakuan, Jason Siu, Jest, Joel Dugan, Jonathan Bergeron, Karl Tate, Keanan Duffty, Kokolo, Lady Pink, Lisa Petrucci, MAD, Mainframe, Marc Cecere, Mark James, Mars-1, Matthew Waldman, Mike Fuji, Mist, Nathan Jurevicius, NYC Lase, O'Clock, Pete Fowler, Peter Goldman, Peter Kato, Queen Andrea, Ron English, Roughtoyz, Secret Base, Shepard Fairey, ShiniGami, Simon James, Stash, Steven Daily, Sucklord, Sun-Min Kim, Superdeux, Tado, Tim Smith, Toofly, Touma, Vaughn Bodé, Voltaire, Zeem