Garbage Pail Kids Tribute Show

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G1988 x Topps x The Hundreds have put together a show that pays homage to the 1980’s classic trading card series, The Garbage Pail Kids. The opening reception takes place on Friday, September 2nd at the Melrose location. This show gives the chance to over 100 artists to create their very own disgusting GPK cards. Perhaps some of the contributions may even make it into card form! Another reason to check out this show is because The Hundreds will have available 50 of their GPK “Adam Bomb” T-Shirts, which will not release for another several months.

Dates & Addresses[edit]

September 2nd 2011 - Gallery 1988, 7020 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038

The Artists[edit]

Scott Derby, Joshua Budich, Scott Scheidly, Buff Monster, Robert Brandenburg, Alex Pardee, NC Winters, The Bungaloo, Rhys Cooper, Iron Jaiden, Aaron Jasinski, Alex Campos, Alex CF, Alex Todaro, Alex Westgate, Alisa Ross, Allison Reimold, Andrew DeGraff,, Audrey Pongracz, Augie Pagan, Ayami Kawashima, Betso, Brandon Sopinsky, Brett Manning, Carl Lozada, Casey Weldon, Cate Rangel, Chris B Murray, Chris Tezber, Christopher Lee, Chuck BB, Cornelius Cockroft, Dan Goodsell, Dan Lydersen, Dave MacDowell, Delicious Design League, Derek Deal, Dimitro Simakis, Erick Braddock, Eric Tan, Esther Oh, Evan Lopez, Evanimal, Ewelina Ferruso, Fred Harper, Glen Brogan, Isaac Bidwell, James Flames, Jeremy Asher Lynch, Jesse Riggle, Jimbot, Joe Scarano, Joey Spiotto, John Bell, Johnny Bergeron, Johnny Yanok, Jon Smith, Keith Noordzy, Kelly Vivanco, Ken Garduno, Kyle Norris, Lawrence Yang, Little Friends of Printmaking, Matt Kaufenberg, Megan Majewski, Meggs, Meghan Stratman, Michael Ramstead, Mike Budai, Mike Mitchell, Mikeatron, Misha, Molly Crabapple, Munk One, Nate Trapnell, Nic Cowan, Owen Sherwood, Paul Paicko, Roland Tamayo, Ruel Pascual, Ryan Hungerford, Ryan Jones, Ryan Sanchez, Ryan Snook, Sadie Figueroa, Sarah Soh, Scribe, Sean Clarity, Shannon Bonatakis, Steve Bossler, Steve Seeley, Tim Maclean, Travis Louie, Two Arms Inc