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N.C. Winters has been making marks on paper since he was old enough to draw. From crayons to canvas, drawing has been the dump valve for imagination overflow.

The work focuses almost entirely on the figure. His characters are introspective-they are alone on the page, or, if multiple figures, have a detachment from one another that creates a solitary environment. Many pieces are weighted with melancholy from this characteristic.

A defining aspect of N.C.'s art is found in the detail he infuses into his pieces. Whether with ink, acrylic, watercolor, marker, or colored pencil, N.C. is compelled to fill as much space as possible to combat the blank page. Pieces are done when the blank space is either gone or tamed. Often, the detail that is found is a visual way of lightening the weight of his character's solitude. His pieces are meant to be a visual stimuli to the viewer-an invitation to stay awhile, to look, to find something new in the detail.

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