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As a working artist, I’ve honed my skills as a tattooist since the early 90’s, and this in turn has helped me develop a diverse style in my painting and a lot of other media, including sculpture and computer animation. When creating, I find I draw on all these skills to crwate something I’m happy with.

Painting has been something that I’ve been drawn to since a very early age -- As far as I can remember I’ve always been an artist, and art is something I’ve always found peace in doing. For me the process is an escape into a weird and wonderful world, where the impossible is possible – A place in which I can feel happy even on the darkest of days. Staying true to myself, I’ve found that it’s easy for these feelings to flow through to the viewers, giving them a brief glimpse into my world, and on the odd occasion a smile, too.

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Customs & Show Pieces[edit]