Little Monsters

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Opening on Sunday, October 31st, Million Fishes Gallery will be hosting a night of Horror Movies, Live Art, and Haunting artwork and custom toys, known as Little Monsters. This show being curated by Mikie of Blamo Toys and TaskOne.

Dates & Address[edit]

October 31st 2010 - Million Fishes Gallery, 2501 Bryant St (at 23rd St) San Francisco, CA 94110

The Artists[edit]

Skinner, MonstreHero, WeKillYou, Jonathan Wayshak, Ritzy Periwinkle, Motorbot, Mikie Graham, Jay222, Nerviswr3k, Spanky Stokes, Spencer Hansen, Squidnik, YNOT, Jared Gunther, Lucien Shapiro, Marco Mejia, Mike Decay, Sumbody, Troy Stith, Phoneticontrol, TaskOne, Dave Higgins, Leecifer, Betso, J*Ryu, Lysol, Lex Non Scripta, Rsin Art, Ian Ziobrowski, Zam, Ken Davis, Nreazon, Jenny Wolf, King Quan, Drilone, Chrystal Powell, Matt Ritchie, Chupa, Brad Isdrab, Frank Callozo, Leighton Kelly